The Management House (TMH) is a practice that likes to work closely with its clients offering them personal and professional services. It was formed in 2004 to meet the management needs of companies and organizations. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive service in the industry.  We provide the advanced technological accounting, audit, financial and real estate advisory services and property management tools necessary to help companies or organizations achieve their goals and maintain compliance with government rules and regulations. We will help you develop, establish and maintain accurate management procedures necessary to meet tax codes and laws.

We have also made it our mission to substantially exceed the expectations of our clients by providing value-added solutions at affordable prices.

TMH takes pride in producing work of the highest quality, aiming for a positive, aggressive approach rather than a negative, timid one. Our staff is well balanced and our clients can rest assured that work will be
accomplished in a timely manner.

When TMH works with your business, you become our client. But, more importantly, we become a part of your management advisory team. As part of that team, we are committed to the successful operation of your business. We work with your business to address problems, meet deadlines and plan for future growth.